Due B Bitter

In the valleys and slopes of our mountains, herbs, flowers, berries and roots are gathered for the production of this liquor.
Its origins are part of the history of the territory, and the local culture, who knows the beneficial virtues of native plants, knows how to use them.
The recipe of this liquor is kept secret.
The production technique provides for, that after the collection, the vegetable ingredients are dried in open air in the mountains.
The infusion takes place in a cold alcoholic solution, inside stainless steel containers.
The infusion obtained is then filtered.
It is allowed to rest and mature for several months. It is a good digestive, with an intense bouquet and a strong character, the perfect conclusion to any meal.
It has tonic and stimulant properties.

Water, alcohol, sugar, yellow gentian root, rhubarb, infusion of Artemisia glacialis and natural herbs, 28% alcohol content.