From some parts of the Artemisia glacialis, a precious flowering plant that grows up above 1600 meters, this liquor is obtained by cold infusion.
The properties of Genipì and of similar liquors are based on the bitter principles contained in it.
The Abruzzi mountain tradition has always recognized the numerous beneficial qualities: febrifugal, diuretic, vermifuge and antiseptical properties.
It is also a well known remedy to altitude sickness and against the freezing of body parts affected by cold.
The liquor, which presents the gradation of 30 °, gives to the palate and also to the sight, the feelings aroused by the thought of a high mountain grass.
Starting from its crystalline colour, with shades ranging from pale yellow to emerald green, you get to the dry and at the same time cool taste, transmitted only by this unrivalled grass.

Water, alcohol, sugar, infusion of natural herbs of Artemisia glacialis, 30% alcohol content.